Confocal Point Focus Alignment Pattern (PF-C)

Name & IDSymbolTypical Target UsedDOF and SensitivityDescription
Confocal Point Focus (PF-C)Reflective Tooling BallFine interferometric alignment of dX, dY, dZProjects a focused spot to center of a reflective tooling ball.

Confocal Point Foci (PF-C) can assess dX and dY alignment of a curved reference target (often a spherical tooling ball) by assessing tilt fringes in the pattern. dZ of the target can also be assessed in a PF-C by reading power fringes in the pattern.


  • Fringes are not visible in PF-C pattern until the reference target is very close to alignment. It is recommended to include a coarse alignment aid (such as visual point focus PF-V) along with the PF-C pattern or move to an alignment pattern with greater dynamic range, such as LF and AF patterns.
  • Diffraction limits the implementation of a PF-C pattern to < F/5.


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