[2023] Rapid surface metrology of freeform shapes using CGH interferometry

LaVilla, Edward, et al. “Rapid surface metrology of freeform shapes using CGH interferometry.” Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection XIII. Vol. 12618. SPIE, 2023.


The need for rapid, high resolution, accurate metrology of mass produced aspheric and freeform surfaces continues to grow as the application space evolves. Expanding the use cases of standard interferometers, computer generated holograms enable snapshot, megapixel resolution measurements of freeform surfaces that may have large and non-symmetric departure from spherical. CGH metrology at production scales can be realized without specialized engineers or in-house knowledge of setup. In this paper, we highlight the impact of the CGH vendor to provide not only a hologram but a suite of hardware to streamline high volume aspheric and freeform metrology. Alignment becomes straightforward, data acquisition remains standard to the interferometer and data is processed automatically. Early integration of this metrology solution in product planning helps users scale from prototype to manufacture.

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