Engineering design consulting services that go beyond the CGH

Engineering Services

AOM provides engineering design services that go far beyond CGH design and fabrication. We enable customer success by taking on more of the metrology engineering effort of your project, so your teams can focus on core project or product development.

Three engineers sitting at a conference table analyze a ray diagram of an optical system on a large TV screen

Metrology test set engineering, design, and fabrication services:

  • Design and fabrication of metrology systems including mechanics, alignment, and references, typically enabled by or coupled with CGHs.
  • We provide design, fabrication, analysis and consulting at any level of engagement for metrology system deployment.

Applications we serve:

  • Production volume asphere / freeform metrology – ease of use for operators to measure complex shapes with common interferometer methods.
  • High-value optics like large telescope mirrors, space optics, and photolithography optics – AOM designs and builds the metrology systems drawing on extensive experience in high-precision applications.
  • Subsystem alignment – Setups to precision align subsystems independently.
A mechanical engineer works on a CAD model of a FP9 stage
Engineers observe renderings of an optical metrology system on a computer screen

Benefits to our customers:

  • Experienced and efficient implementation – our team has more than 50 years of experience in the design, assembly, and operation of optical metrology systems.
  • Eliminate bandwidth limitations in customers’ engineering departments and enable focus on their product development.
  • Support throughout the process, from front-end design to back-end implementation, we’ll be there to ensure successful metrology deployment.