[VIDEO] Specifying a CGH Test

So you’d like to order a CGH (computer-generated hologram)… what’s the first step?

In this video, Dr. Jim Burge explains how you can specify a CGH optical test by:

  • Describing the test surface prescription and desired measurement accuracy
  • Defining the alignment and datum features
  • Providing information about your interferometer and available transmission spheres
  • Sharing your schedule requirements


This excerpt is from an invited talk titled “Easy Alignment Techniques for CGH Metrology” from the Optical Fabrication and Testing Conference on June 18, 2021. Content is shared with permission from the OSA.

Dr. Jim Burge holds bachelors degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering from Ohio State University, and a PhD in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona. He is Professor Emeritus of Optical Sciences and Astronomy at the University of Arizona, where he had an active role in teaching, advising, and performing cutting edge research in Large Optics Fabrication and Testing (LOFT) for 20 years. Dr. Burge currently works as the President of Arizona Optica Metrology, providing measurement solutions for optical surfaces and systems ranging from space telescopes to mass-produced consumer optics
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