Catseye Single Alignment Pattern (CE-S)

Name & IDSymbolTypical Target UsedDOF and SensitivityDescription
Catseye Single (CE-S)UUT SurfaceCoarse (visual) to fine interferometric alignment of dZA single pattern is focused on the UUT optical surface. The central ray of this pattern must arrive normal to the UUT surface.

Catseye Single (CE-S) alignment patterns send a focused beam of light such that the central ray arrives normal to the reference target.

Power fringes of the CE-S pattern indicate dZ misalignment

Due to the required ray path, CE-S patterns targeting the UUT often obscure some of the Null pattern.

This pattern is recommended to use if:

  • UUT is significantly oversized and Null pattern does not need to fill FA of UUT.
  • Missing regions of UUT surface map can be tolerated from Null pattern or UUT can be clocked and combine multiple measurements together to capture full surface.


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