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What type of interferometer do I need to use a CGH?

AOM products are well suited to pair with a number of commercial interferometer systems including Fizeau and Twyman-Green type interferometers.

Compatible models include:

  • Zygo – Verifire, Dynafiz, GPI, Mark
  • 4D Technologies – Accufiz, PhaseCam
  • Xonox – X-fiz, X-Mini
  • Apre Instruments – S-Series
  • ADE Phase Shift – MiniFIZ
  • WYKO
  • Trioptics
  • MollerWedel


A variety of interferometer wavelengths can be used, as long as the test wavelength transmits through the CGH substrate.  (Alternatively, a CGH can be designed to work in reflection).


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