Visual Point Focus Alignment Pattern (PF-V)

Name & IDSymbolTypical Target UsedDOF and SensitivityDescription
Visual Point Focus (PF-V)Diffuse surface or UUTCoarse (visual) alignment of dX, dY, and dZProjects a focused spot to UUT outer diameter or diffuse target surface.

Visual Point Foci (PF-V) are helpful for initial setup of your UUT.  The alignment process is as follows:

  1. Find the projected spots or crosses:
      • Visually onto a white target
      • With a camera
  2. Move the test optic or Metrology Platform to bring the spot/crosses into focus and center them.
      • Accuracy of < 1 mm is easy
      • Precision of 0.1 mm is possible


CGH projected spots or crosshairs as alignment references


Visual point foci can be sent to a variety of targets.  Common targets are the UUT itself (typically the outer edge) or a Photogrammetry Target, as shown below.


Click here for a summary table of all AOM alignment patterns.

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