[2010] Measurement of aspheric mirror segments using Fizeau interferometry with CGH correction

Burge, James H., Chunyu Zhao, and Matt Dubin. “Measurement of aspheric mirror segments using Fizeau interferometry with CGH correction.” Modern Technologies in Space-and Ground-based Telescopes and Instrumentation. Vol. 7739. SPIE, 2010.


Large aspheric primary mirrors are proposed that use hundreds segments that all must be aligned and phased to approximate the desired continuous mirror. We present a method of measuring these concave segments with a Fizeau interferometer where a spherical convex reference surface is held a few millimeters from the aspheric segment. The aspheric shape is accommodated by a small computer generated hologram (CGH). Different segments are measured by replacing the CGH. As a Fizeau test, nearly all of the optical elements and air spaces are common to both the measurement and reference wavefront, so the sensitivities are not tight. Also, since the reference surface of the test plate is common to all tests, this system achieves excellent control for the radius of curvature variation from one part to another. This paper describes the test system design and analysis for such a test, and presents data from a similar 1.4-m test performed at the University of Arizona.

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