[VIDEO] Freeform CGH Metrology Demonstration: Step-by-Step Instructions

A detailed step-by-step video for measuring a freeform mirror using a CGH (computer-generated hologram) from AOM. We explore the concept of a Metrology Platform, which provides a mount for a test optic that simulates the mechanics that the part was designed to be mounted to – which is a big advantage when testing an optic! See how mechanical and optical features interact with a CGH to make alignment quick and easy and enables snapshot measurements of aspheres and freeforms.

Tyler Steele is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Arizona Optical Metrology.  He has over a decade of experience in the optical metrology field in both technical and commercial capacities, including Applications Engineering and Product Management of Laser Interferometers.  His expertise in precision measurement and customer support are channeled at AOM to help customers find the best metrology solution.
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