Jim Wyant, the father of CGH optical testing, visits AOM

Aug 16, 2021

Arizona Optical Metrology makes CGH null testing easy, but wasn’t always that way.  Dr. Jim Wyant, founding dean of the College of Optical Sciences at University of Arizona, pioneered the metrology applications of Computer Generated Holograms in the early 1970’s.  AOM was honored to host Dr. Wyant on August 11. He visited our facility in Tucson and shared some stories about the early CGH development when computers were limited and direct-write lithography was not available.  His holograms were challenging to design and were plotted onto paper and photoreduced onto film.   He knew all about CGH testing for high-end projects like space telescopes and lithography optics, but he was surprised and delighted to see how AOM technical advances and economies of scale have made CGH testing accessible to such a wide range of applications.  As for the future, he said “We just need to get the word out.”