Interferometry Expert Hired for COO at AOM

Jun 18, 2021

Dr. Jake Beverage was brought on as Chief Operations Officer to streamline engineering and manufacturing for AOM’s growing CGH business.  Dr. Beverage has 20 years of experience in the field of interferometric metrology.  His successes include:

  • Leading the technical teams and acting as systems engineer and primary optical designer for ZYGO’s ZeGage, NewView, and NexView 3D interferometric microscopes
  • Leading the initial technical effort to incorporate CGHs into ZYGO’s production interferometer systems and metrology software
  • Leading the team to build the CGH metrology system to provide vibration-insensitive, high-resolution measurements of each of the 84 off-axis 1.4-m primary mirror segments for the Thirty Meter Telescope
  • Coaching the Aqua Caliente Elementary School STEAM Team to a first-place finish in UA’s inaugural underwater robotics competition

Welcome aboard Jake!