Fine Positioning Mounts make CGH Alignment Easy

Jul 23, 2021

AOM now offers CGH Fine Positioning Mounts (FPM) compatible with all standard CGH sizes.

Key features include:

  • Easy magnetic click-in interface for a stable and repeatable alignment.
  • 6 adjusters to align all 6 degrees of freedom: x, y, z, θx, θy, θz.
  • Configured to match standard interferometer centerline heights (4.25” and 6”)
  • Two size options (3” FP3 and 6” FP6) to accommodate your space requirement and budget.
  • Compatible with all standard CGH sizes (1.5” square, 2” square, 3” square, 6” square, and 3×6”).
  • Each adjustment has sub-micron resolution and ±3 mm range.

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