AOM delivers first CGH Educational Kit to UA Wyant College

Feb 15, 2022

AOM is excited to announce the delivery of our first Computer Generated Hologram (CGH) Educational Kit donation to the University of Arizona’s Wyant College of Optical Sciences.  The kit will provide students and faculty the opportunity for hands-on experience with a range of different CGHs – from a design that highlights the fundamentals of diffraction, to various alignment techniques, and cylinder and asphere surface figure measurements.

The kit is a self-contained set of CGHs, test optics, alignment mounts, and more – only an interferometer is needed to enable metrology of these complex optical surfaces and show the basics of CGH metrology.  We’re excited to support the education of the next generation of optical engineers and scientists, and highlight the benefits of CGH metrology to a wider audience: CGHs enable snapshot, high-resolution measurement of complex surfaces and wavefronts with nanometer-level precision.

If you are involved in optics education and have interest in obtaining our CGH Educational Kit, please reach out to Tyler Steele,